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About Christina

      I live in North Florida on 20 acres with lots of four legged friends to keep me busy. I'm 47 years young. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Utah with experience in hospice, home health care, counseling and a wide variety of other things! 

     Growing and learning so much over the years into the positive, mindful and healthy person I am today made me want to learn about how to help others do the same! I've always been a counselor of sorts and I love talking and learning about nutrition, health and wellness.  

     I'm so grateful that I’ve learned so much over the years about nutrition, health, and wellness- on my own, from others and of course from my health and life coaching programs. I’ve come a long way and I love trying and learning new things to boost my mind, body and spirit. It's amazing just the small changes you can make that can really help you feel better, make your life easier and feel much less stressed. Healthy changes can bring you more motivation, energy, strength and the spirit to do the things you really want to do. 

     It has taken years of little changes here and there to get to where I am today. I wish I'd learned about and tried healthier things a long, long time ago. I wish I knew how great it could make me feel in so many different ways, how much better I would be contributing to the environment, and how it could help me truly be healthy on the inside and look it from the outside. But I know now and that's all that matters. I've implemented all that I've learned and it's been truly life changing. It's a continuous journey!

     Nutrition is very important to overall health- we ARE what we eat- but there's so much more, even when it comes to just eating! There's also drinking enough water, getting enough quality sleep, getting enough Vitamin D (naturally) along with other vitamins and minerals, having minimal chemical intake, having positive stress responses and relief, having a good support system, and being mindful. All are integral parts of your overall health and wellness. 

     As for my mental and spiritual journey, it's been a rough road at times. I've taken some left turns and I've learned a lot along the way. I believe talking about our problems can really help work through them. Doing that with a counselor or therapist or coach helps even more because they are someone who has an unbiased opinion of you, who you can trust and tell your story to, and who has the training to help. 

     I have some advanced training in counseling and am now a Certified Life Coach. I've been to various individuals within the mental health field in the past. Honestly the best help came from those who listened well, had gone through their own struggles, and were able to truly empathize and help me come up with solutions for change. I can do that. 

    Overall, I believe lots of people could feel happier if they were healthier. Healthy people glow, give off positive energy, feel better and are attractive. It's not about actual looks, the number on the scale, or your social or economic status- and it comes from the inside. I want to do that- to help people feel better from the inside out. What are you waiting for? Give me a call! I look forward to hearing from you!